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TigerWit was founded with one clear purpose; to bring fresh technological solutions and new vision to an industry in need of change.

Reconstructing a whole industry doesn’t happen without ‘disruptive technology’ to power that evolution. That’s why TigerWit is redefining the systems and processes that underpin trading.

By leveraging the power of blockchain, via TigerWit’s distributed trading ledger, we are creating a reinvigorated trading environment delivering more transparency, more accountability and more trust.

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The permissioned blockchain ledger

TigerWit has developed a permissioned blockchain ledger (also known as a distributed trading ledger) using Hyperledger Fabric, an open-source software.

The TigerWit blockchain will be accessible by TigerWit Live-account clients, partners and regulators. Transactions will be instantly and permanently recorded onto the blockchain (once necessary verification is received from permissioned members of the blockchain).

Once transactions are added to the blockchain, that data cannot be modified, only added to.

Users can apply to become an ‘ordinary’ member (a ‘node’ ) of the TigerWit blockchain with ‘viewing’ rights. Users and ordinary members can view transaction data as recorded onto the blockchain.

Ordinary members can apply to become ‘permissioned’ members with ‘verification’ rights. To become a permissioned member please contact our Client Support team

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