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The path to becoming a successful trader takes time, patience, and plenty of learning from mistakes. These are three things that novice traders can rarely afford. From understanding the basics of financial markets through to studying complex trading strategies, many that skip these steps suffer the consequences. But there is a simpler way to benefit from online trading, Copy Trading from TigerWit. With the benefit of our unique and innovative technology, you can choose the Master Trader that you want to follow and automatically copy every trade they make.

What are the Key Benefits of Copy Trading ?
  • A Copy Trading account can be opened in minutes through our award-winning app and you can start right away.

  • Use our ranking system to select the Master Trader that matches your risk/reward profile, profit ratio or trading strategy.

  • Take advantage of the knowledge of experienced traders without having to make your own trading decisions.

Master Traders List
Browse Profiles of Experienced Traders

We have made choosing the Master Trader to follow as simple as possible. Our ranking algorithm can help you view the profiles of our top-rated traders, view their statistics, and learn about the strategies and methodology. You can see their profit/loss ratio, see their currently open or recently closed trades, and see if their strategy is the one you want to start copy trading. In addition to this, you can break down their analytical data and see their stats including their portfolio diversification.


How to Choose the Right Copy Trading Master

Selecting the right Master Trader has a few factors to consider. As with any investment, you need to identify your own risk/reward ratio, and this can help you decide who to follow. It is important to remember that while you can research how a Master has traded historically, past performance is not an indication of future revenue. For this reason, we have added two further conditions to assist you with copy trading.

1)If you are not satisfied by the performance of a Master that you are following, you can choose to unfollow them at any point. This will stop you from incurring additional losses and provide you with the option to copy other successful traders and their trading strategies.

2)Like a trading portfolio, you can diversify you risk by choosing to follow several Master Traders and benefit from a range of strategies. For example, you may choose to follow one Master that trades stock CFDs, but may choose to balance the risk associated with that by following another Master that focuses their trades on currency pairs.

How Much Does It Cost to Follow a Master Trader?

Our charges for following a Master Trader are transparent and only pay a commission if you profit from their trading strategies. There is a fixed commission of 20% for Copy Trading and this is paid either at the start of each calendar month or when you choose to unfollow a Master. But remember, you will only pay this commission from the earnings you accumulated from Copy Trading. This means that if you did not make a profit from copy trading, you won’t pay any commission. This is called the High-Water Mark.

The High-Water Mark Explained

As with other performance-based investments, Copy Trading uses a high-water mark system to ensure that you do not pay commission towards a poor performance by the Master Trader you have chosen to copy. In order to earn a commission from you, the Master Trader must have made an acceptable amount of profit for you. This stipulation is here to protect you and your funds.

For example:

At the start of month one, you have invested $1000 to follow a Master Trader. By the end of the month, you have earned a $500 profit by following this trader. You will now need to pay a 20% commission to the Master Trader and the High-Water Mark has been set at $500.

In the following month, if the Master Traders performance suffers and you only make a profit of $400 by following them, because this figure is below the High-Water Mark, you will not need to pay a commission at the end of the month.

Alternatively, if the Master Traders performance improves to bring you a profit of $900, then a new High-Water Mark has been set and you will need to pay a 20% commission of that amount.
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Already an Experienced Trader? Earn Commission by Becoming a Master Trader!

Successful traders are welcome to become a Master at TigerWit and earn 20% of the overall profit generated by traders that are copy trading from you. This means that any profits that you earn for yourself are boosted by each and every follower that you have, providing you have met the High-Water Mark level as detailed above.

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