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Become a TigerWit Affiliate Partner

Affiliate Partners can earn up to $1,200 per client with TigerWit.

We provide a multi-tiered CPA structure with the flexibility to suit a diverse range of global affiliate setups.

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Partner with a market leader and convert your traffic into revenue with our affiliate program

Our commission schemes are tailored to your specific needs.Receive up to $1,200 per client you introduce to TigerWit.

  • Easy to join

    All you need to do is complete your registration with our simple online application, we will then create a bespoke partnership package just for you.

  • Up to $1,200 per client

    Monetize your traffic and earn commissions by promoting TigerWit on your website. In return you’ll receive up to $1,200 for each client you bring.

  • Transparent fast payments

    Transparent reporting allows you to monitor and receive your commissions hassle-free, twice a month using your preferred payment method.

Multilingual marketing tools

As an affiliate partner, you will have access to a wide range of converting marketing materials that include banners, landing pages, emails and videos, all of which in the language of your choosing. All of our marketing materials have been tested and optimised to attract a higher number of visitors and bring increased conversion.

How it works

Partner up with one of the world's leading Fintech brokers and take your revenue to new heights.

Make the most of your existing customer base and traffic with one of the best affiliate programs in the world.

  • Getting started

    As a website owner, blogger, someone that has internet traffic or a following can publish a simple affiliate link to promote your partnership after joining.

  • Your link

    As soon as a user clicks your affiliate link, they become tagged with your unique affiliate code and you can follow their journey within your detailed report.

  • Registering customers

    Once the user joins TigerWit via the website or mobile app, deposits and begins trading, they will be added to your client acquisition statistics.

  • Payment

    Your total client acquisition is calculated twice a month and we pay out your earnings using your preferred payment method.

Dedicated Affiliate Partner Support

TigerWit multilingual affiliate partner support team will be by your side to help with all your needs including the onboarding process, marketing materials,tracking links and much more.Please feel free to contact us at any time, we are here to help.