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What Else Does TigerWit Provide for Business?

We offer our clients a wide range of B2B and B2C services to help their businesses thrive. From our lucrative Affiliate Network, to White Label Solutions to Branded IBs, we can provide you with the turnkey support that you are looking for. And as with our IB program, we will listen to your requirements and design a custom-built solution just for you.

The Introducing Broker (IB) Program from TigerWit

TigerWit is built on transparency and technology, our IB solutions are no different. We will build you a custom-made IB program that suits your needs, and those of your clients. Just like our blockchain trading ledger, our partnership with you is built on clarity and precision to enable you to grow your business to its full potential. We offer a very generous payment plan and will provide you with the tools you need for your own business management and those for you clients to develop as traders.

Why Should I be an IB with TigerWit?

  • As an IB, you will be treated like a partner and we are here to help you succeed for mutual benefit. A personal account manager will help to tailor make a solution that fits your business needs and provide your clients with what they need in a trading platform. All of the technology that TigerWit uses is designed in house, by traders – for traders, and this includes our fully automated IB portal.

  • There are no set up fees for your account, your account manager will handle all of your time-consuming back office issues and you can rely on our round the clock support for professional guidance. And most importantly, our payments are clear and instant and designed to help you grow your business.

Added Advantages of Being an Introducing Broker with TigerWit

  • Multi-Regulated Broker

    Every effort is made to ensure that TigerWit functions responsibly and the three regulators ensuring that this is achieved are listed below.

    Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), UK.

    Financial Services Authority St. Vincent and the Grenadines(FSVGFSA), The Saint Vincen.

    Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Hong Kong.

    Bespoke Account Management

    The satisfaction of our IB clients is of paramount importance. When you choose to be an Introducing Broker with TigerWit, we will assist you every step of the way. Your personal account manager will always be available to you to assist and advise on all your business needs.

  • Marketing and Business Development Tools

    We will give you access to converting marketing materials, provide guidance on online activities including social media and search engine optimization (SEO), plus support for your clients including educational materials and free webinars.

    Copy Trading Technology

    TigerWit has developed a proprietary trading technology that allows clients to browse through a list of Trading Masters and copy their trades and market strategies with the click of a button.

  • Become a Copy Master

    In addition to providing Copy Trading as a feature for your clients, you can also become a Copy Master and earn a commission from the followers that you either bring yourself, or that follow you through our system. Learn more here

    Fast deposit and Withdraw

    TigerWit is aiming to provide the best service to all its clients, therefore we are always optimized the clients journey, trading experience as well as deposit/withdraw experience.

  • IB System

    With TigerWit IB system, you are able to see all of your client’s information as well as their trading behaviour, and you are able to see the real-time commission as well. With our flexible commission plan, you can provide a customized commission plan for your clients according to your needs.

    Branded IB Services

    We can provide you with a wide range of Branded IB products and services to make the most of the traffic and following that you already have. Whether you are a figure with a following within finance, a website owner or already have your own app, we can provide you with the services that you are looking for. From white label solutions through to API integration, our professional team are here to help you generate an income from the following that you already have, and then help you to grow it further.