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Key Benefits of Being a Copy Trading Master

  • 1)Start Earning Commission without Any Extra Work.

    Once you’ve set up you Copy Trading Master account, you can sit back and continue your trading strategies and make an extra income if you are profitable.

  • 2)Boost Your Trading Profits for Each Copy Trading Follower.

    When other TigerWit clients decide to use you as a Copy Trading Master, you earn 20% of the profits that they make from following you. The commission earned is paid directly into your account at the beginning of every month, or when a trader stops following you.

  • 3)Trade Better, Earn More.

    Once you have established yourself as an experienced trader, continue to make successful deals and grow your following further, you can have the opportunity to earn even more commission from your followers.

  • 4)Expand Your Business Further with Our Help.

    TigerWit prides itself on the tailormade support that it offers to its partners. If you have a business or a following outside of our platform, we can offer you a wide range of IB, Affiliate and White Label services to help grow your business and earn more from your existing client base.

  • 5)Hidden Masters Can Change How Much They Earn from Their Own Followers.

    If you bring your own client base to TigerWit, you can become a Hidden Master. This means that only your clients can follow you. The main benefit of becoming a Hidden Master is that you can choose the percentage each follower pays you from the profits you bring them.

“I’ve been trading online for nearly 10 years and have grown a following on social media by positing my own analysis.
Learning that I could continue trading according to my own strategies and earn even more by getting my follows to copy my trades was a real gamechanger.
Now I’m earning an income from the following that I made for myself AND from the copy trading followers that TigerWit have brought me too.
The extra income has helped me expand my strategies further and develop a larger following. It’s a Win-Win!”.

Tony J. 45, Guangdong

Terms and conditions of becoming a Master Trader:
  • a)You are required to open a live TigerWit account and successfully pass the client verification process.
  • b)You must have traded independently on a live TigerWit account for at least 20 days. These days do not have to be consecutive.
  • c)Your live TigerWit account must have a balance that is greater than $500.
  • d)Your total return from trading must be a rate that is greater than 20% of the total balance in your account including all deposits and withdrawals.
  • e)In total, you must have opened over 30 positions to qualify.
  • f)The percentage of successful trades made on your account must exceed 50%.
  • g)Your current net loss must not exceed 10% of the total balance in your account including all deposits and withdrawals.